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Q: What is the MAX number of tables can be converted by DTS Wizard?
A: Several people asked is there a limitation on number of tables that can be converted with DTSWizard using either trial or realease version of the PGNP Provider.
Short answer: there is no limit. Any number of tables of any size can be converted (the trial version limits number of records thou).
However, since DTSWizard performs conversion of all tables in parallel (1 table per thread) there might be a conflict with maximum number of connections to Postgres server. By default, single Postgres server is configured to accept upto 100 connections. In this case about 100 tables can be converted at a time.

Q: Why am I getting errorrs using Linked Servers under SQL Express?
A: Linked Servers do not work on SQL Express.

Q: I can't make Linked Server to work. What am I doing wrong?
A: Check that "Allow inprocess" option is checked in the Providers\PGNP properties. It is the most common mistake made by PGNP users.

Q: When I enabled "Allow inprocess" option nothing changed. Any ideas?
A: Make sure you restarted SQL Server in the Management studio.
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