XML data type

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XML data type

Postby kaoru » Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:53 pm


Do PGNP support copying xml data type ?

I'm getting error like this when trying to copy xml using SSIS from MS SQL to Greenplum postgresql :
[Destination - tablename [22]] Error: SSIS Error Code DTS_E_OLEDBERROR. An OLE DB error has occurred. Error code: 0x80004005.
An OLE DB record is available. Source: "PostgreSQL Native Provider" Hresult: 0x80004005 Description: "Convertion of type 13 to string failed (bt=-1, ord=2)

Both ms sql and postgre has xml column.
In SSIS, both ms sql xml column & postgre column detected as unicode text stream.

Need your advice on this..

Thank u :)
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Re: XML data type

Postby Moderator » Mon Aug 12, 2013 7:17 am

Yes, it does. However, there is a bug that prevents copying XML fields in SSIS. We are working on a fix.

Thank you!
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Re: XML data type

Postby kaoru » Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:03 pm


Is there any update on this xml issue ?

thank u
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