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When installed, PGNP contains following samples under \samples\<language> folders.

01_GetRecords.cs demonstrates how programmatically connect to PostgreSQL database and get records from table.
02_SingleValue.cs demonstrates getting single value from database. It reads number of contacts with last name starting with 'S'.
03_InsertUpdateDelete.cs demonstrates creation of a temporary table, records insert, update and delete.
04_CommandParameters.cs demonstrates passing positional and named parameters to a command.
05_StoredProcedures.cs demonstrates how to call stored procedures returning a single result and multiple results.

10_Arrays.cs demonstrates how to query multidimentional arrays in .NET.
11_NestedTransactions.cs demonstrates how to work with nested transactions in .NET.
12_DistribTrans.cs demonstrates how to work with distributed transactions in .NET (TransactionsScope object).
Important: Make sure that "Distributed Transaction Coordinator" system service is running before launching this test.
13_SavePoints.cs demonstrates how to control transactions via PostgreSQL SAVE POINTs.

ADOEvents demonstrates howto subscribe for ADO connection and recordset events.
OLEDBTemplates demonstrates:
* howto pass input parameters and get output parameters from stored procedure using OLEDB templates (StoredProcParams.cpp).
* howto select records from a table and insert data using OLEDB templates (SelectInsert.cpp).

TestGrid demonstrates howto populate grid with records from database.
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