select for update broken

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select for update broken

Postby tylerburd » Wed Aug 05, 2009 2:36 pm

Hi there. My company is evaluating the development version of PGNP (1.3) and I discovered an issue with "for update" syntax. The following sql statement throws an exception in PGNP, but it IS valid sql for postgres:

"select * from sometable where sometableid=1 for update"

If you remove the "for update" the query executes successfully. Unfortunately, we depend on the "for update" clause quite often.
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Re: select for update broken

Postby Moderator » Sat Aug 08, 2009 11:23 pm

We have added support for the syntax (build 1145). The fixed version is available at:

Here are examples of statements that are now supported:
select * from tbl for update; -- generic "for update" clause
select * from tbl for update of tbl nowait; -- complex "for update" clause
select * from tbl order by id for update limit 1 offset 100; -- "for update" can be before or after "limit" and "offset" clauses
select * from tbl, tbl2 limit 1 offset 100 for update of tbl, tbl2; -- and can have list of tables
select * from tbl order by id limit all for share; -- generic "for share" syntax
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