What's New in 1.3?

The new generation of PGNP provider 1.3 is released!

Here is the list of new features in 1.3:

  1. Ability to work with multiple databases via single Linked Server connection.
  2. Support for SSL and SSPI.
  3. Arrays support added.
  4. Enhanced expression types evaluator.
  5. Added support for nested transactions.
  6. Added support for distributed transactions (two phase commit protocol).
  7. Enhancements in internal profiling and tracing.
  8. Optimizations for insertion of large amounts of data into database.
  9. Added support for Command Timeout.
  10. Redesigned "Data Link Properties" pages for easier configuration of connection string.
  11. Numerous bug fixes.

Link to the trial build: 32-bit Trial Build Installation Module


1. PGNP Profiler utility.


2. PGNP Provider Property Pages.

Property Pages

See also: What's New in 1.4?

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