PGNP version 1.3 is released!

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14 years 10 months ago #82 by Moderator
PGNP version 1.3 is released! was created by Moderator
PGNP Provider, version 1.3.0, is released! It contains new PGNP Profiler application and various enhancements/bug fixes for the previous version.

The profiler application is needed for various reasons. Among them:
1) Developer and DB administrator want to see which commands are sent to Provider and what statements the Provider is sending to the Postgres server.
2) The timing information can be used to identify statements for optimization.
3) No permisions/rights are necessary to monitor Postgres server log. Local and remote hosts can be monitored by the Profiler (only applications that use the PGNP Provider).

Latest enhancements in PGNP Provider are mostly related to support of very large databases and server cursors. New code was written to support Linked Servers' work with tables containing dozens millions of rows and to support COPY-based bulk import into database.

Note 1: See screenshots in [url=]What's New[/url:2wfu37zs] article.
Note 2: The Profiler trial build has some features disabled.[/url]

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