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5 years 2 weeks ago #14440 by kavya

We would like to purchase the software for the redshift connection. But with our initial POC from the trail version. The performance of the query was very low.

The direct query takes around 2 mins in redshift
Linkedserver : 45 minutes

Could you give us an actual software or a work around to make sure the performance is not so bad before proceeding ahead with purchase.

And also the discount plan for the same.

Note ; After purchase is it mandatory to uninstall the trial software and install the new one? or can we just update license and things would run smooth.

Warm Regards
Kavya Marigowda

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5 years 14 hours ago - 5 years 13 hours ago #14446 by admin
Hi, please make sure to reduce the number of round-trips to the Redshift by adding the following parameters to the Provider String/Extended Properties:

Also, I recommend running PGNProfiler (as Administrator), and see what takes the most time. Most likely the linked server pulls a lot more data than is needed. There are various methods to address this, e.g. adding LIMIT/OFFSET clauses to the query.

Please send us a trace collected in the PGNProfiler for further analysis.
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