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4 years 5 months ago #13856 by moonpie
moonpie created the topic: Working with SSAS
I try to use our MS SQL OLAP server with postgresql databases using your driver, but we expect some problems

1. Sometimes when I try to add any table to datasource view I see error: "MaxLength applies to string data type only. You cannot set Column 'columnname' property MaxLength to be non-negative number.". The only way to fix it is to create named query like "select * from table" and add to DSV.
2. If we change table structure, these changes don't reflect in DSV after I hit "Refresh" button. Tried to use exec('pgnp_refreshmetadata(''public'','''')') AT [Linked Server Name], no luck
3. Some dimensions can contain a few tables, some placed on PG-server, the others on MS SQL. When I try to refresh dimension I get OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Undefined procedure OPENROWSET.
4. When I try to use internal procedures such as pgnp_getlicenseinfo() or pngp_checklicense() I get errors.

Can this issues be fixed or can I be explained how to avoid these errors please?

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4 years 4 months ago #13865 by Moderator
Moderator replied the topic: Re: Working with SSAS
would you run PGNP Profiler and see if errors are shown in the trace? Would you email the trace to us?

Some issues in SSAS could be cause by Trial restrictions, because the Trial build does not return all rows that SSAS expects for handling relations in data.

We also recommend using the latest build of the OLEDB provider.

Also, our support team can help troubleshoot and fix issues faster. Feel free to email requests to our support.

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