FEATURE PGNP 1.2.8  PGNP 1.3.0  PGNP 1.4.0*
PostgreSQL Support 8.0 8.x, 9.x 9.x-15.x
OLE DB Connection Pooling Yes Yes Yes
OLE DB Error Reporting Yes Yes Yes
OLE DB Command Prepare and Cancel Yes Yes Yes
OLE DB Columns Information Yes Yes Yes
Database Transformation in SQL Server DTSWizard Yes Yes Yes
Local Transaction Support Yes Yes Yes
Distributed Transactions and Two Phase Commit Protocol (DTC enlistment) No Yes** Yes**
SQL Server 2005-2019 Linked Servers Support Yes Yes Yes
SQL Server 2005-2019 to PostgreSQL Replication Support Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Result Sets, Multiple SQL statements/MARS From Procedures Only From Procedures Only Full
Execution Tracing and Profiling TraceMgr PGNP Profiler PGNP Profiler

Schema Support (tables, views, provider types, columns, primary/foreign keys,

indexes, procedures, etc.)

Yes Yes Yes
SSL, Kerberos, GSSAPI and SSPI Support No Yes Yes
Extended parameters syntax support ('@', ':' and '?') Yes Yes Yes
IN, OUT and INOUT Parameters Support Yes Yes Yes
Recycling of the Internal MetaData Cache Manual *** Automatic Automatic
OLE DB Command Timeout  No  Yes Yes
Array Type Support  No  Yes Yes
Nested Transactions Support  No  Yes Yes
COPY Command and high-performance import support in SSIS (FastLoad)  No  Yes Yes
IRowsetUpdate Support  No  No Yes
Automated Product Updates Support  No  No Yes


* Evaluation version and documentation are available on the Download page.

** Server Edition only.

*** The internal stored procedure pgnp_refreshmetadata allows recycling of internal metadata cache in all connected instances of the provider. See Developer's Manual for more information.


Desktop Edition vs Server Edition

The above table shows common features/capabilities for both DE and SE products. The table below summarizes differences between DE and SE in the latest release.

 FEATURE Desktop Edition Server Edition
Fast and scalable (beyond 1 million rows) rows engine No Yes
Two Phase Commit Protocol (distributed transactions) Not supported Supported
Table statistics metadata Not supported Supported
Integration with linked servers/SSIS/SSRS/SSAS Minimal Full